Best Capture Cards with HDMI

HDMI Capture CardIn this article I will be covering the Best Capture Cards with HDMI for recording HD quality content. If you want to record HD quality content the easiest way to do so is by using an HDMI cable to connect your source to the capture card. The 3 capture cards with HDMI below will be under $200 and will be able to capture Full HD 1080p video at 30FPS (frames per second) or higher.

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3 Best Capture Cards with HDMI

Best Capture Card AverMediaBest Capture Card Blackmagic
AverMedia Live Gamer HDBlackmagic Intensity ProAverMedia Game Broadcaster HD C127
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These 3 capture cards have a lot in common. All of these cards will…

  • Have an HDMI connection on the capture card.
  • Connects to your computer with a PCIe 1x connection inside of your computer.
  • HDMI connection on the card to plug in your source you want to capture
  • Pass-Thru output HDMI connection to see the playback of your source on the TV.
  • Record 1080p HD Video at 30FPS or better
  • Works with Xsplit for Live Streaming Video

Avermedia Live Gamer HD Capture Card:

The Avermedia Live Gamer HD Capture Card is one of the best capture cards with HDMI and is the card I use with my system. This card has HDMI and AUX inputs and outputs Only. It does not have component or composite inputs unless you buy an adapter.  This card also features an on-board encoder which will reduce some of the heavy processing on the CPU and use the built-in encoder to encode the video.

The software for the Avermedia Live Gamer HD Capture Card is very easy to use for all levels of users with their Newbie, Amateur, and Pro user settings. The file sizes of the video you capture is about 1GB for 10 minutes of video captured.


Take a look at the quality The Avermedia Live Gamer HD can produce in the video above.

The game is Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360. “Some Nice Jet Flying!”

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Blackmagic Intensity Pro Capture Card:

The Blackmagic brand capture cards are very popular with gamers and other video capture users. One of their best capture cards with HDMI is the Blackmagic Intensity Pro. It is able to capture HD quality video with the HDMI connections and capture standard definition video with included breakout cable. The breakout cables allows you to capture component and composite video making it easier to capture gaming systems like the PS3 or Wii.

The Intensity Pro supports a large amount of video codecs and is supported with popular video editing software such as Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro. It also supports Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux computers.


Compare the Quality of the first video on this page with this video of the Blackmagic Intensity Pro gameplay footage.

This is gameplay of Xbox 360 recorded with HDMI. “Playing Many different Games!”

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Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD C127

The Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD C127 is a another good choice for a capture card with HDMI. This card allows you to capture HDMI and Component inputs unlike the Live Gamer HD capture card that is HDMI only. This card does not have Pass-Thru connections so you can not view your source on a TV while recording. The reason why I added this card to the list is that it has HDMI inputs.

In my opinion the only reason to get this card is to use it with the Avermedia Live Gamer HD as an input device and use the encoder from the Live Gamer HD to help take the load off of your computer when Live Streaming with Xsplit. Or if you want to record with HDMI and component cables and do not need to view the source on the TV.


This is Xbox 360 gameplay of the Rugby World Cup 2011 using the AverMedia Broadcaster HD C127.

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Thanks for Reading!

These 3 internal PCIe capture cards are the best capture cards with HDMI that are out right now.

I hope this helped out! If you are just starting and want to take a look at some Cheap Capture Cards view my other article.


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